This website tells the untold story of the lost provinces of Ukraine.

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“Zakerzonia” is the common name for lands at the eastern edge of modern-day Poland, adjacent to Ukraine, that had a sizable Ukrainian populations before World War 2.

There are five regions that are considered part of the “Zakerzonia”: Lemkivshchyna (укр. Лемківщина, pol. Łemkowszczyzna ), Nadsania (укр. Надсяння, pol. Nadsanie), Kholmshchyna (укр. Холмщина, Chełmszczyzna ), Pidlyashia (укр. Підляшшя, pol. Podlasie) and West Boikivshchyna (укр. Бойківщина, pol. Bojkowszczyzna).

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The extended boundaries of Ukrainian ethnic lands as shown in the map below.

Ethnolinguistic setting of the Ukrainian lands Paul Magocxi (Geoffrey J. Mathews, cartographer) Ukraine A Historical Atlas. TorontoU of T Press 1985 map 2



Zakerzonia can also be spelled Zakerzonnia, Zakerzonya, Закерзоння, Zakerzon krai, Zakerzon, and is also referred to as Trans-Curzon Confines or Trans-Curzon territories.