Ukrainian community center in Przemyśl

The Ukrainian community center in Peremyszl, Poland, has recently been re-aquired from the state and refurbished to suit the community’s modern needs.


The planned facilities include:

  • cafe (Viennese-style)
  • four-season courtyard
  • Ukrainian ethnographic museum
  • offices for community organizations
  • multi-function rooms
  • art gallery
  • concert theatre with auditorium seating
  • conference facilities (including kitchens)
  • lecture halls
  • library and reading room
  • video surveillance
  • modern washrooms
  • elevator

The heritage building was in a very poor physical state when it was returned to the community, and so some of the collected funds were to cover:

  • replacement of all windows to meet insulation standards while maintaining the architectural aesthetic
  • replacement of damaged floors and walls
  • restoration of pre-war wall paintings
  • restoration of plasterwork
  • general access to internet

A very informative walk-through with commentary by one of the leaders of the restoration project can be found at:

The Association of Ukrainians in Poland have an extensive collection of videos, articles and documents about the idea and progress of the community center. The link to their website is given below:

In Poland, donations to the restoration can be made at  Podkarpacki Bank Spoldzielczy o/ Przemysl account number

# 67 8642 1155 2015 1507 1604 0001

In Canada, donations to the restoration can be made at Buduchnist Credit Union in Toronto, Ontario, account number # 66917 “Narodnyj Dim Peremyszl”.